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Together with Majblomman, I produced animations and images for their fundraising campain, the spring of 2020.


The situation during this time, made it impossible for them to raise money in the same way they had done for 113 years. So they did it digitally for the first time. I am proud, and glad to have had the privilage, of creating this year's digital flower.



3D Production by Simon Søgaard Vallinder

Art Direction by Åse Ahlström at Majblommans Riksförbund


The collaboration started with creating an image and an animation for their campaign. Their visual identity was very clear, with explicit color palettes and strict guidelines for their playful shape philosophy. This was very helpful in the creative stage of building a world for the little flower. When our collaboration had begun, they asked me about another project, if I would like to design the digital flower of this year, 2020. The final result is the first image at the top of the site. The animation and the image below, are the two first projects for their campaign.



During their campaign, the material we produced, had a variety of uses. I collected a fraction of them all to demonstrate the practical end use. Most of them are close ups from the image I designed.

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