SIMON Søgaard Vallinder

3D Artist


I’m a 3D artist, working with projects ranging from 3D illustrations to short films.


What I love the most is collaborating with inspiring people. I never stop exploring and challenging myself with new techniques. No matter what comes up in the process, every problem has a solution.

When I’m not working, I love going out into the world and having an experience, or simply grabbing a cup of coffee.


+46 762 131 005

Gothenburg - Sweden



The first thing that comes to mind about Simon's work is that he always delivers on time. He is reliable and always answers quickly to all inquiries.

Simon was always very generous and his passion for the work shines through in every delivery.

- Johan Törnqvist, Country Manager, Atikko Events


Simon is an excellent person to work with. Reliable and always on time, his drive and efficiency is truly inspiring and contribute to the whole team.

With his skills and creativity, no problem is too difficult to solve. Do not hesitate to contact Simon.

- Adam Cahilig, Music Producer, Made by Waves


To work with Simon is always a pleasure. He is very creative and works with great passion in every project.

You have a really good time working with Simon, while you also can expect a completely perfect result.

- Alieu Dampha, Founder, Damphainspires


Simon is a receptive and motivated creator, who is easy to work with. He has got good knowledge within his area, is a creative talent and takes initiative in the projects he takes on.


Simon makes sure the job gets done and can work independently as well as in a team. It felt reassuring to work with him in projects and he delivered visual material, that we and end customer really liked.

- Emma Älveus, Art Director, Spart


Göteborg - Sverige - 3D - Animation