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This is my first collaboration with, the filmmaker and photographer, August Sandberg. We did a ton of experiments and went through many different concepts. The kombucha was so good we decided to play with the idea that once you drink one, you can't get enough.


3D & Retouch by Simon Søgaard Vallinder

Studio Photography by August Sandberg

The Process

To get a sense of the composition we added some white plastic objects to the left of the bottle, as we took the photograph. In photoshop I removed the parts of the pile that was showing behind the pile of caps made in 3D. The main challenge with these caps, was to simulate a pile that looked pleasing. I combined lower gravity with some forces to the center of the pile which made them fall nicely into the pile you see below. In the 3D scene, I set up the light to match the way we had arranged the flashes in the studio. This allowed me to use the shadows generated digitally, by the 3D caps, and apply them to the photograph, to really make the caps belong in the image.

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