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Näääk - Cali ft. denz & fricky

Depiction in Malmö created this music video for Näääk.

We worked together with them to animate the faces of the characters.

Their portfolio is at


David Sandell - direction, modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering, compositing & grading
Oskar Vallinder - direction, modelling, animation & sound design
Jonathan Silfverberg - direction & hand painted textures
Simon Diamant Silfverberg - graffiti
Simon Søgaard Vallinder - additional lipsync animation


In this music video, which Depiction produced beautifully, I had the pleasure of collaborating with them on a small but important part of the production. The facial expressions of the characters was made in 2D. The task was to manage their emotion and sync their mouths to the song. After hundreds of repetitions of every second in the song, the faces animation matched the audio. See the loop down below to get some insight in the process.

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